PDF编辑软件Adobe Acrobat DC 22.002.20191 for mac 中文免激活版

PDF编辑软件Adobe Acrobat DC 22.002.20191 for mac 中文免激活版

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带有 Adob​​e Document Cloud 服务的全新 Adob​​e Acrobat Pro DC 现已推出。完全重新构想的 PDF 工具让您可以从任何地方创建、编辑、签名和跟踪 PDF。它将永远改变您处理设计布局、印刷准备文件和所有重要文档的方式。

Adobe Acrobat DC功能简洁易用




Adobe Reader XI 的一大优点是它能够处理转换为便携式文档格式的 CAD 设计和地理空间地图。此外,如果您需要在 PDF 文件中定位任何元素,该应用程序提供了一个全面的文件搜索引擎,可以在几秒钟内找到您需要的内容。


安全功能使您能够查看和使用 PDF 文档,而不必担心在您的机器上执行恶意代码。 “保护模式”和“增强安全”功能旨在保护您的计算机并提供数据保护和隐私。


在自定义Adobe Acrobat DC时,“首选项”区域将为您提供修改各种设置的可能性。提供评论、3D 和多媒体、测量和阅读选项,以及拼写或页面单位配置。

如果您发现 Adob​​e Reader XI 太难使用,该应用程序包含全面的帮助手册。不幸的是,您需要连接到 Internet 才能访问它,这意味着您将无法在离线模式下阅读文档。


考虑到所有因素,使用此软件应用程序您不会出错,因为它仍然是 PDF 文档方面的标准。 Adobe Reader XI 确实像宣传的那样工作,是查看便携式文档格式文件的主要工具。

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 22.002.20191 Mac 中文破解版

Adobe Acrobat DC 22.002.20191 Multilingual macOS

All-new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC with Adobe Document Cloud services is here. Completely reimagined PDF tools let you create, edit, sign, and track PDFs from anywhere. It will change the way you work with design layouts, press-ready files, and all your important documents forever.

Clean feature lineup
The application allows you to write down comments and feedback using a separate frame in the right side of the window, while the reading space is not affected at all.

In fact, this is one of this tool’s strong points: the interface is quite clean, but still manages to provide a lot of tools for zooming, selecting text, printing, adding bookmarks and many others.

Supported file formats and fast searches
A great thing about Adobe Reader XI is its ability to work with CAD designs and geospatial maps converted to Portable Document Format. Also, in case you need to locate any element within a PDF file, the application offers a comprehensive file searching engine that finds what you need in a matter of seconds.

Security tools
The security functions enable you to view and work with PDF documents without having to worry about malicious code being executed on your machine. The ‘Protected Mode’ and the ‘Enhanced Security’ features are designed to safeguard your computer and provide data protection and privacy.

Configuration settings
When it comes to customizing Adobe Reader XI, the Preferences area will give you the possibility to modify a wide range of settings. Comments, 3D and multimedia, measuring and reading options are available, as well as spelling or page units configurations.

In case you find Adobe Reader XI too difficult to use, the application includes a comprehensive help manual. Unfortunately you will need an Internet connection to access it, which means you won’t be able to read the documentation in offline mode.

A top PDF viewer on the market
All things considered, with this software app you can’t get it wrong simply because it still sets the standards insofar as PDF documents are concerned. Adobe Reader XI really works as advertised and is the leading tool for viewing Portable Document Format files.

What’s New:

Version 22.002.20191:

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Compatibility: macOS v10.12 or later • Intel or Apple silicon
Homepage https://www.adobe.com/

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